Moon Photographs

They pulled out all the stops on the last full moon of the millenium!   Not only did it happen on the winter solstice, when the earth is at its closest to the sun, but it also happened when the moon was at its perigee, meaning that it was as close as it gets to the earth.   This combination of circumstances last happened in 1867, and it resulted in a moon which was considerably brighter than usual.   In fact, although I took a whole series of photographs, this is the only one which wasn't seriously over-exposed.

last full moon of the millenium was on a solstice and occurred at perigee

Nor did they spare any expense on the first full moon of the new millenium, which experienced a lunar eclipse.   New Jersey had just had its worst snowstorm in four years, but the clouds obligingly parted an hour or two before the eclipse.   Luckily there was no wind, but even so it was pretty cold taking this photos over a period of a little under an hour, with four or five inches of fresh snow on the ground!

lunar eclipse 2000, image 1
lunar eclipse 2000, image 2
lunar eclipse 2000, image 3
lunar eclipse 2000, image 4
lunar eclipse 2000, image 5