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American Caterpillar Photo Galleries

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Northern Illinois

brown hooded
owlet moth
The Asteroid,
green morph
The Asteroid,
purple morph
The Asteroid,
brown morph
white-marked tussock moth
yellow-based tussock moth banded tussock moth milkweed tussock moth unidentified caterpillar Virginia ctenucha
woolly bear monarch monarch viceroy common buckeye
red admiral eastern comma question mark great spangled fritillary eastern tent caterpillar
eastern tent caterpillars Henry's marsh moth smartweed caterpillar smartweed caterpillar paddle caterpillar
paddle caterpillar black swallowtail unidentified swallowtail polyphemus moth

Chain O' Lakes, Illinois

great spangled fritillary great spangled fritillary Virginia Ctenucha moth Virginia Ctenucha moth Eastern tent caterpillar
Eastern tent caterpillar
www.richard-seaman.com / Bugs / USA / Caterpillars / Photo Galleries